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Meet the new Crosshair V Formula-Z

Z-day* is here for AMD fans looking for their 2012 upgrade. Instead of just listing all the new stuff, this preview aims to inform you that the -Z is more than just a small upgrade to the already popular Crosshair V Formula.

*(no, not zombies).


Crosshair V Formula-Z (2012) vs Crosshair V Formula (2011)

The Crosshair remains on its 5th edition, packing the same AMD 990FX and SB950 under those meaty ROG heatsinks. Of course this means all AM3+ CPUs are still supported, but a year’s worth of R&D tweaks for the FX architecture – including enhancements for upcoming Piledriver – have been put into the new Crosshair V Formula-Z.

Let’s take a side-by-side look at the differences between the two Crosshair Vs.

Crosshair V comparison

Upgraded & New: Extreme Engine DIGI+ II & T-Topology Memory

The Extreme Engine DIGI+ II has replaced version I, with upgrades to the MOSFET ICs (under the heatsink, shown below) and the addition of a DIGI+ VRM controller to the four DDR3 DIMM slots. The number of phases remains the same between the two boards as the upcoming CPU architecture is an evolutionary upgrade.

Underneath the skin the tracing between CPU socket and DIMM slots has been given a tweak to include the new T-Topology design. This allows not only faster attainable memory frequencies, but also better 4-DIMM performance too. Please note for maximum stability and attainable frequency we recommend buying a single DDR3 kit, and preferably one that has been QVL’d for AMD FX CPUs.


The new DIGI+ chip controlling the power to the memory DIMM slots

The GO button (for launching pre-saved BIOS OC Profiles on the fly) and ProbeIt voltage readouts remain in the same area, however the entire corner around it has been re-arranged, with the power and reset switches relocated up here. For LN2 overclockers there’s also a Slow Mode switch nestled in there too!

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kkn06-06-12 03:10 PM Reply With Quote
i like that they moved the buttons from the bottom and up, but it looks like the mem ok button ended up on the bottom? :s
Wow that write-up was a little disappointing, ok so PCIe 3.0 isn't possible for the revision, I get that...but can she handle Quad SLI for those who wanna go that crazy? and I can't believe he missed one very important item worth mentioning...and I wonder if anyone has noticed it yet....they stuck in an extra pair of SATA 3 ports in the main array!!! and it seems the ASMedia solo port has been removed from it's former place....and I don't see the Debug LED either lol...maybe cleverly hidden in there though
ganji06-07-12 09:37 AM Reply With Quote
Myk SilentShadow said:
I don't see the Debug LED either lol...maybe cleverly hidden in there though

top right by the power buttons. debug read out instead of led's
FlanK3r06-07-12 10:34 AM Reply With Quote
Nice...I hope for BIOS Flashback too
ganji said:
top right by the power buttons. debug read out instead of led's

Figures i'd bloody miss it lol
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