Aug 19, 2011 Written by: MarshallR

ROG Starcraft II Tournament At Assembly LAN In Finland

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ASUS ROG team in Finland recently held a Starcraft II Tournament during the Assembly LAN event on 5th of August. Here's a quick run-down of Assembly 20: Game: StarCraft II Player limit: 32 Tournament type: Non BYOC, groups + single-elimination Prize Pool: 15,000 Euros In its 20th party, Assembly LAN is a truly huge event. It generates one of the largest live Starcraft II audiences outside of South Korea, and was played by over 5,000 players with over 40,000 simultaneous live-game viewers! Six tournament streams were held between English, Finnish, German, French and Russian, with the English stream featuring world famous shoutcasters TotalBiscuit and Apollo, who provided real-time coverage and analysis. Tournament in-game videos can be found here on YouTube. And congratulations to the winners! 1. DIMAGA - €8 000  (Ukraine) 2. MaNa - €4 000 (Poland) 3. Stephano - €2 000 (France) 4. Brat_OK - €1,000 (Russia) Did you attend Assembly 20? Do you want to know more about LAN events in your area or do you want ROG sponsorship? Let us know in the forum and on ROG Facebook!  
Articles: Gaming Events
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