Take a look at the new video promoting the muscle-bound ROG MATRIX HD 7970 GHz Edition card, with its 1.1GHz overclocked GPU, VGA Hotwire, and DIGI+ VRM/Super Alloy Power 20-phase delivery…there’s also TweakIt overvolting, and my personal favorite, the color-shifting MATRIX load indicator! Of course, this is a DirectCU II card with dual fans. Those can boost to 100% fan speed in extreme moments of overclocking zeal to remove heat at expedited rates. All you have to do is press a button. And GPU Tweak of course is included for that detailed card tuning touch.

There’s more to this card than meets the fan, so enough talking, take a look at the video. Also, remember there are two versions of this MATRIX, the Platinum one which you’ve seen recently, and the standard one. Either way, they’re beasts.

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