Crazy Czech’s at have managed to crack the magic 8GHz mark on an FX-8350 and Crosshair V Formula-Z. Great going guys! Not only that, they were also having fun with Quake 3 for 90 minutes at 6GHz with the chip happily running at 1.8V on all eight cores!

The effort to get to 8GHz required a 266MHz HTT x 30 multiplier with 1.95V applied to the FX-8350, with G.Skill TridentX 2,666 MHz memory and a Seasonic Platinum 1000W. The team found cores 0+1 were limited to just 7.5GHz, while 3+4 would reach the 8GHz mark.

To see more grab your translator and make your way to for the full report!


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