There’s some quality Steampunk action hidden in the corners of the internet, and Shane Fuga has quite possibly topped it all with this epic TJ11 mod. Beautiful craftsmanship meets immense attention to detail and a passion of hardware. Our professional interest lies in the modded ASUS Sabertooth P67 hidden in its belly, which, admittedly, is not ROG, but given the end result we’ll forgive him this time.

WARNING: Scroll further at your own peril. My suggestion is you adorn some swimming goggles, lest your eyeballs pop clean out of their sockets.

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  • Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth P67
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K
  • GPU: Unknown
  • RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominator 2,133MHz
  • SSD: Curcial M4 128 GB
  • PSU: Silverstone Strider 1200W
  • Fan Controller: Lamptron FC10


  • XSPC EX480
  • EK-CoolStream 360
  • Another 360 radiator
  • EK-Multi option 150 or 250
  • EK-RAM Dominator
  • EK-MOSFET Sabertooth P67
  • EK-Supreme LTX
  • 2x XSPC 120mm radiator stand


  • Sleeving: MDPC-X
  • Yellow SMD LED Strips
  • Yellow LED bulbs
  • Sophisticated Finishes Rust Effect Kit
  • Old Vacuum Tubes


Since testing is over its time to start on the case.

Its actually a good thing I'm modding this case because I got it used for pretty cheap. You would never get a good looking build out of this beatup case unless you paint/modify it. There are several screws missing, HDD bays missing and the front bezel was bent. I was able to fix the front bezel mostly and I ordered lots of new screws.

First thing to do is remove all of the buttons, connectors and cables.

Remove the mobo try and fans. I was going to not use the fans but I decided to make a midplate to hide them and that has cutouts for the fans. There will also be some Bitspower passthrough fittings for the tubing.

5.25" bays gone and mobo tray rails are out.

And here it is in pieces.

The first thing to do before you paint is get a nice coat of primer on the parts.

Next I started painting all the parts with the Iron base coat. This actually has iron particles in it which react with the Rust paint.

All the small bits.

And the large ones.

Next is the Rust paint. Its actually not paint. Its a chemical which looks more like blue water but you get the picture.

Just after 1 coat you can see it starting to work.

2-3 coats

5ish coats

And the first coat on the 5.25" bays

It starts the reaction only after maybe 5 minutes after being applied.

Lastly I'll leave you with some of my grill plans. I have a friend who does my laser cutting and he will do up a sick CAD drawing for me and I'll share it with all of you.

I'm going to install the 50mm fan on the motherboard so I need a grill to make it look nice. Also since I am keeping the internal 180mm fans I have to keep the side panel vents. I want to dress them up some otherwise they just look funny.
His will obviously look better than what I can draw

Cheers till next time,

I'm super siked to announce that is sponsoring me with some gear.

Now for the unexpected results. I needed to put a clear coat on the rust because it would rub off just like real rust. In doing so the color of the rust went from a orange/red/brown to more of a dark brown. I actually like this color because it looks more like leather. Let me know what you guys think.

Mid plate with clear on it and the mobo tray under it.

I liked it so I keep putting clear coat on the rest of the parts. Here is the mobo tray painted and assembled.

Still has a rust look to it.

And compared to the PSU bracket.

So while I was painting the rest of the parts I decided to start modding the "Thermal Armor" of the mobo.

Tape applied

And marked

And here are the final results. Not sure I'm going to keep the skinny piece between the MOS block and the CPU, it isn't perfectly straight and looks in like its in the way of the design. Not sure yet what I will do.

Not sure how I will paint it but here are a few things I figured out recently.

I'm going to paint all the water blocks gold!
I will paint the 2 ribbed parts of the exterior gold.
The front bezel, back side of the case and side panels will have wood grain vinyl applied.
The Thermal Armor will either be rusted, wood grain or covered in leather!
GPU back plates will be the same as the Thermal Armor.

Things I have ordered:
50mm fan for mobo
EX360 rad
EX240 rad
2x BP MCP655 mod kits
Silverstone Slim DVD Drive bay

Things I need to order
BP Dual D5 Pump top
more Turbine Master fans
EK Uni Brackets for RES
250 Res

Questions, Comments and Recommendations are welcome!

Cheers till next time,

I have been debating on weather or not I would paint the radiators or not for a while now. Here is what the unpainted rad looks like with the fans and painted grills.

I didn't like the look so I decided to give the rad a make over.

I'm glad the letters are still legible.

With the fan grills on. These outside ones are just for looks and to protect the fins.

Fans attached.

Black fan grills on the inside fans. I was debating on painting the fans and inside grills but it would be a waste. By not painting them I can easily replace them and not worry about having to repaint them at a later time.

Got my MDPC-X sleeving in. I have no idea what the combo will be yet but I have lots of time to think about it.

The Yellow LEDs finally came in along with the 47 Ohm resistors for them.

I pulled one out right away and started testing with the vacuum tubes.

I know they still look a little bit orange in the photos but they are a really nice amber yellow in person. They will look great with the other LED strips I have.

Now for a bit of sponsor news. I was talking to Bitspower several months ago and all of a sudden, they stopped replying to me. Well just a few days ago they finally wrote back and we are in talks again for parts. I hope to get all my fittings and the pump top from them.

I also finally got EK to bite. I started talking shop with them. Not sure all what they will be providing but I'm hoping for at least GPU blocks since PPCs took care of my radiators.

What's coming next?

I'm going to finish modding the "thermal armor" on the mobo this weekend. I want to get a nice clean fit.

I ordered a few sheets of aluminium to make a sturdy midplate. (There will probably be acrylic on top of it. I have not decided yet)

I need to do more research into "wood veneer". Someone suggested that instead of using vinyl to give the case a more natural look. After looking at the prices, its not much more than the vinyl so I'm thinking hard about it. Here are 2 that I am looking at.

This one is already finished.

This one requires a finish.

That's it for today. Hopefully I can get some more done this weekend since its a long weekend but there isn't much left to do on the inside. I need to decide/figure out the veneer situation so I can get the outside done. Oh and I'm waiting for gold paint to arrive. Once I get that I can do the water blocks and some of the case exterior.

Cheers till next time,

Fuga will go down as the fastest company to ship sponsor gear ever! I placed my order and got it not even a week later.

Here is the gear!

XSPC EX360 Multi Port and EX240 Multi Port

I like these rads because they have such a high FPI.

6 ports on each rad!

Up next is 2 Bitspower D5/655 mod kits

Installed on the stock pump tops. Temporary setup because I will be using a Bitspower Dual D5/655 pump top in the mod.

Finally the Silverstone Slim ODD and SSD/HDD bay. I really like this because I can fit my Slim ODD and up to 4 SSD/2.5" HDDs in it.

Thats all from them. More modding in the next update.

Cheers till then,

Now I need your opinion! I got 3 different types of Leather fabric and I'm not sure which one to use. I'm going to post a few pictures of each and I'd like to hear what you have to say!

Option 1:

On the door

Close up

On the mobo

Option 2:

On the door

Close up

On the mobo

Option 3:

On the door

Close up

On the mobo

Please leave your feedback! I really want to know what you guys thing. The leather will cover the door panels, the front bezel and the motherboard's "thermal armor". Hope to hear from you guys!!

Cheers till next time,

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