Dec 21, 2012 Written by: Suds McSoapdish

Spending Night, Gaming Night...the Steam Holiday Sale Cometh

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Just when you thought your fiscal situation was safe, along comes Steam to quickly reshape your monetary landscape. Yes, it's the holiday sale again. Crazier than ever it seems. Like the ENTIRE Bethesda catalog for $90? Including Dishonored? Or brand new Hitman: Absolution for $25? Not to mention all those under $5 games which you think won't damage your bottom line but in the end you realize you bought like forty of them.

If it sounds like I begrudge Steam sales, you're wrong. I love them. I can't resist them. Though it does pain me a little to see games I just bought on launch full price suddenly costing less than half!

But it's all good. You have from today (Dec 20 US west coast) until January 5, prepare yourself for some massive but oh so enjoyable damage.

Let us know which games you're getting, I'll try to post some of my own purchases. At least while my credit cards still work.

Happy buying and happy holidays everyone!


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