Good news for all the watercooling users out there, EK Waterblocks are designing a full cover water block for both the ROG MATRIX HD 7970, and the MATRIX HD 7970 Platinum. EK expects its EK-FC7970 MATRIX block should be ready to ship in late February, and will provide a high-flow cooling solution for the GPU, VRM and RAM, although there is no confirmation of a back-plate being manufactured as of yet.

Are you lucky enough to own a MATRIX HD 7970 and plan on watercooling it? Let us know in the forums.


Zka1701-17-13 05:41 PM Reply With Quote
Great news! I think, a lot of Matrix owners will be happy... :cool:
Sofyan8801-21-13 12:14 AM Reply With Quote
yo ho.. finally.. I just thinking about to sell my Matrix 7970 Platinum.... almost...
I hope the design will cool :cool:
can't wait for February
Good news everyone!
I preorderd two of theses but the are not in stock yet has the release date been pushed back?
Zka1703-12-13 12:22 PM Reply With Quote
Well, seemingly there is a delay... they supposed to be available from March 8...
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Hi Tony!