Thank you to everyone for entering and voting in the Design Your Own Style GX1000 competition. The votes have been counted and congratulations to the top 5 entries, which are as follows:

1st Place: Akbar Ryuzaky, from Indonesia


2nd Place: Mario Lujić, from Croatia


3rd Place: Enrico Sansone, from Italy


4th Place: Victor Voo Kai Shen, from Malaysia


5th Place, Patrick Andrada


ROG Staff Selection Of Other Notable Entries:

Did your favourite win? Let us know in the forums.


srmojuze02-08-13 02:20 AM Reply With Quote
LOL Spiderman...
yes i voted for 3rd one i won :cool:
Oh well, a "noticeable entry" is better than not showing my design at all...
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