ROG Exchange now has support for the complete Rampage IV series:

Update your board with BIOS version 3602 (grab it from the product pages linked above) and you can use the free ROG Exchange software to share or install BIOS profiles from the online database. You’ll need a forum account to login too, but that’s free as well.

Here is a video explaining more:

If you want to chat about ROG Exchange profiles, Rampage IV overclocking or feedback software bugs/suggestions, join us in the forum (why not? You’ve already made the forum account!)


Any word on if/when Maximus IV will be supported officially?
It won't be sorry. Only future boards going forward.
Gman25704-06-13 03:24 PM Reply With Quote
Hey MarshallR I understand that you have to install AI SUITE II in order to use the ROG exchange, so I was wondering if they have actually fixed the new ASUS AI SUITE II problems the previous versions have been plagued with.
AFAIK you don't have to install AI Suite, it's a separate software.
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