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While we don’t normally put Sabertooth stuff on ROG (this is that 10% we mentioned before), when we do, we’ll always make sure it’ll be something you guys want to see!

PC mods are a real labor of love that takes serious effort to plan and construct, and if you love your mods neat and minimalist – 23RO_UK and his NZXT Phantom definitely has the answer!

At its heart is the ASUS Sabertooth P67, using the Thermal Armour to fluidly mix it into a stealthy watercooled black and white themed case design. Check out the finished result below (and more on page 4):


The finished result. Very neat!

We’ve copied some of the worklog pictures and eye candy here, but for the full run-down and background, checkout the bit-tech project log. In the meantime, if you also spot any ROG mods or are doing one yourself – drop us a note in our case modding forum! The best ones will be featured on our front page (with makers permission, of course).

Phantom Noir Project Log

From the top: one NZXT Phantom:


How things started on this NZXT Phantom

Now stripped of its sides and plastics:

The first watercooling parts include the two radiators and a Koolance pump-reservoir combo:


The first radiator is setup

The Phobya radiators with Bitspower barbs and?polished plates on top:

How all three go into the front of the case: that’s pretty much a perfect fit!


The two radiators and the pump with res fit perfectly

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