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Interview With Besi: ROG Modder And Extreme Overclocker

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Prolific European ROG Modder and extreme overclocker, Besi, has been busy lately with his modding work you can see here. So naturally ASUS Switzerland decided to get in touch with him some for a little Q&A.


ROG:What inspired you to create the ROG Mod?

Besi: I've been an active modder for quite a long time. I did several other big projects which needed anywhere between 250 to 1,250 working hours. In the past years I couldn't see significant change in the modding scene, which is why I decided to start a project again; to discover what's possible.


ROG: Whose CNC machine is that you used on your latest ROG Mod?

Besi: It is the CNC machine from my employer; luckily I have access to this equipment! It's a 5 axis milling machine I can use in my free time, which means that I did all of my projects either during the night or over the weekend.

Dynamic H20 Besi Case Mod

ROG: Where did you learn your design, CAD and modding skills?

Besi: Actually I work as a CAD/CAM specialist. I've been trained as a precision mechanic in an interdisciplinary environment, which enables me to plan and realize projects of this size. It is also very helpful that I have a broad background of interests and good friends in the tech industry.


ROG: What keeps you going to get through the whole project? (Some advise for young modders!)

Besi: I try to work as systematically as possible. In my opinion this is the key to success. My workflow is always broken down to follow a specific order:

1. Develop the idea
2. Create some initial drawings by hand
3. Digitalize the drawings of the design I want
4. Manufacture each of the parts

Honestly, as soon as I start with a project I also start asking myself why the hell am I doing this, over and over again! But at the end of the day, I come to the conclusion that I must get over the inner impatience to create something very unique and just enjoy the build process. For me it also is very important to have a goal in front of me, which I can mentally visualize and then achieve. I need big challenges and with my skillset I find them doing these modding projects.


ROG: What inspired this unique design?

Besi: In principle the mod is mixture of two projects I've done some time ago. One was Dynamic H2o and the other is called Superfast. I always try to get the maximum out of the things I do. Regarding this project; I wanted to keep good visibility of the beautiful hardware inside, which is why there is no closed casing enclosing it inside.


ROG: What other mods have you made before?

Besi: I think I should mention Dynamic H2o at this point. This mod now stands in the Museum for Communication in Bern (Switzerland). I'm also very proud of the projects Superfast and my very first modding X-Zone Server.


ROG: What kind of overclock are you hoping to get with this system?

Besi: At the moment the CPU is running absolutely stable at 5.2 GHz, and naturally I really happy about this performance.


ROG: Will it be shown off at LANs or events for fans to see?

Besi: This is one very important aspect of the entire project. This mod isn't a dust catcher, it's been built to use, which is why I plan to take it to LAN parties and exhibitions. I am hoping to get to next years CeBIT or Computex so I can give the project exposure and give other modders and enthusiasts a close-up look!


Many thanks for your time, Besi! If you are making your own ROG related mods, join us and share them in our modding forum!

Articles: News Mods
Article Tags: Mods
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