GPU Tweak is ROG’s new graphics monitoring, tweaking, overclocking, recording and general do-all software developed by ASUS VGA and ROG teams. It’s free and you can use it for any graphics card (officially from GTX 500/HD 6000 series onwards, but older cards are compatible) although ASUS and ROG cards have a few unique features reserved for themselves. You can download the official release version,, here.

You’ve also probably noticed the above main banner on our site to a page that takes you through all the features, and if you’re a forum member you’ll have seen our dedicated GPU Tweak forum where you can discuss the software as well.

JJ from ASUS North America and myself have also made some videos detailing and explaining GPU Tweak, so check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the forums!



jimbobt03-06-12 12:13 AM Reply With Quote
just to let you know my g73jw could not output to 3d blu ray until i uninstalled gpu tweak.
Once uninstalled it worked fine, must be a bug or config issue.
MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision and Asus GPU Tweak are all very similar in terms of their overclocking and gpu monitering capabilities.
However, the Asus Gpu tweak has less useful functions such as video recording, screen capture, and framerate monitoring that exist on the other aforementioned gpu utilities.

I am speaking as a v2.1.5.0 user.
snout06-13-12 12:08 AM Reply With Quote
Is there any videos showing the Asus GTX 690 and Gpu Tweak ?

As im seeing some issues that the cores are not in sync and finding it difficult to get them the same without manual input.

2D/3D option not working with GTX 690 and sometimes it shows up GTX 670 ? which i don't have.

Seems to very little on the beast full stop.
snout06-13-12 05:09 PM Reply With Quote
Problems today on the latest on my GTX 690
On turning PC on the clock settings was off the scale. The GPU Offset had jumped 500mhz for no reason resulted in the Red screen of death again.
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