Team Russia – Smoke and _Lex – have yet again broken the Unigen benchmark world record, with 6700 marks using a Rampage IV Extreme, four Sapphire HD 6970s and a 5.4GHz Intel Core i7-3960X; all under LN2. Oh yea, and two 1,200W Corsair AX power supplies to boot!

Here’s the HWBot submission confirming the result and a gallery documenting the record below. As ever, let us know your thoughts in the forum.

Unigen World Record with Rampage IV Extreme

QuadFire + R4E + LN2 = Fun!


World record screenshot:

Unigen World Record screenshot

Unigen World Record screenshot


Full gallery:

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Video of the event:

Full Setup Details:

Intel Core i7-3960X at 5,412 MHz
Corsair Dominator GTX8 4x 2GB 2400 MHz
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
4x Sapphire HD6970 Dual Fan 1230/1520 MHz -135ºC
2x Corsair AX1200, 1200 Watt PSU
Corsair SSD Force GT 120 GB
Windows 7 x64

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Team Russia Smokes Unigen World Record with a Rampage IV Extreme
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