Must admit this one had me fooled. I thought it was in-game footage, but turns out the ROG team created the whole thing from the ground up just to show off GPU Tweak, the exclusive overclocking and overvolting utility that comes bundled with select ASUS and ROG graphics cards. The video looks really, really nice, with some awesome graphics that sure do get the message across. The reason for this video is the fact that ASUS basically relaunched GPU Tweak as a new package. The latest iteration works on almost any graphics card from any vendor, and not just ASUS products. It also supports the control of up to four graphics cards via SLI or CrossFireX, which is nice for multi-GPU setups.

The new GPU Tweak arrives with convenient voltage and clock syncing to make overclocking easier and safer. It also has live BIOS and driver updates to make sure your card stays in shape, and 2D/3D mode locking for purer benchmarking results: people often mention the fact that GPUs go between the two modes during tests, leading to performance fluctuation, which affects scoring. GPU Tweak intergrates Techpowerup’s GPU-Z, and has full fan controls to help you regulate cooling. In other words, it’s a sweet performance suite.

Take a look at the video right here and let us know your thoughts in the forums:

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