After reading some user questions asking how the new mPCIe Combo card works, we put together this video to show exactly how to populate both its mSATA port with an OCZ SSD and the mPCIe with an 802.11n WiFi card.

The mPCIe Combo card is bundled with the upcoming Maximus V GENE and Maximus V Formula motherboards, and is designed to allow upgrades without losing any of the all-important PCI-Express graphics slots.

Watch below and let us know if you have any further questions in the forums or on our ROG Facebook page.


Area 6603-22-12 01:52 AM Reply With Quote
Good video, I tough at first it was to plug something external....... now a Question, If I install a SSD on it, I guess it's not on the Intel Controller ?, What is the Speed ?
Spathi03-22-12 03:18 AM Reply With Quote
and what bus does it use?
omar.ca08-16-12 08:44 PM Reply With Quote
I have asus v gene z77
I wanna buy Dual-band Wi-Fi for mPCIe because not come with motherboard but not f founded where
Walkan06-01-13 09:14 AM Reply With Quote
I want to buy a Dual Band WIFI & BT 4.0 card too. Can anyone recommend us a card and where to buy it?
soulcore03-19-14 06:04 PM Reply With Quote
I just bought an Intel Wireless WIFI Link 4965AGN Mini PCI Express Card, but the wifi card is not recognized by the system. I tried to install the driver manually, but as it won't detect the hardware, it doesn't work. Does anyone have some ideas ?
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