Supreme South Korean hyper-modder, Kim Jae-Sool, has posted some beautiful pics of his ROG Mod in our forums. The finished results are, as you can see, absolutely beautiful, and to top it off he builds all his parts from the ground up! It simply blows our minds.

First up: His custom VRM cooler with stealth cover, to match the CPU block on the Maximus III Extreme:


Next, how did he make that memory block? Use Corsair Dominator? No, no! It’s all custom:


And how about everything watercooled, with a custom cover over those GTX 480’s in tri-SLI:


Optimus Keyboard? How about a custom controller from scratch. OK no OLED keys but the next best thing:

myworks-rog-mod keypad

And how does it all look together? Answer: Incredible! See the full set here:

myworks-rog-mod PC

myworks-rog-mod PC

myworks-rog-mod closeup

Dive into the ROG Forum thread and chat about this amazing mod!


WhitePaw02-02-12 04:16 AM Reply With Quote
. ohhhhhh.. very nice
Very Nice Job! Now Every One Pay Attention! This is a Beautiful Work of Art that should be Submitted to the Smithsonian!....:cool:
koreakei02-02-12 01:13 PM Reply With Quote
Soooooo Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool
xeromist02-02-12 05:55 PM Reply With Quote
That is some amazing work! Do you have any pictures of the blocks in progress?
Area 6602-02-12 06:07 PM Reply With Quote
I'm out or words....... look at this case and those MOSFET cooler

xeromist said:
..Do you have any pictures of the blocks in progress?

in Korean
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