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ASUS Membership and VIP Membership Explained

  ASUS and its subsidary websites including ASUS ROG offer two levels of membership for both its websites users and customers. These are classed as becoming either an ASUS Member or an ASUS VIP Member.  


ASUS VIP Membership is exclusive for customers who have purchased ASUS products. To become a VIP member a simple product registration is required. This will also give further access to additional support areas, such as the VIP Forums, and mailing lists for product updates and special offers including:
  • Hot deals, promotions, and campaign alerts
  • A unique personal product page
  • Your own technical mailbox

ASUS Member

ASUS Membership is open to anyone, with no purchase necessary. Simply register with either ROG Forums or ASUS Member Services (above) to create a free account. There is no need to register with both ROG and ASUS as the single account works across both websites. From here ROG site features such as ROG Pro and ASUS Member services are completely free. Existing ASUS Members simply have to register an ASUS product to be automatically upgraded to VIP Member status. rog-member
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