Oct 07, 2013 Written by: MarshallR

Kingston HyperX OC Takeover Kicks Off Today

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ROG has teamed up with Kingston's HOT (HyperX OC Takeover) over on the 'bot. To enter the online competition portion this month, starting today (7th October to 4th November), you'll need:
  • An ASUS 8-series motherboard, Cooler Master PSU, Intel Haswell CPU, Kingston/HyperX Memory
  • Participants must use commercially available hardware (no engineering samples) 
Competition Benchmarks:
  • Max Memory Frequency
  • SuperPi
  • Intel XTU
The event is run week-by-week, and there's lucky draws on weeks 1 and 3 this month, while during week 2 online leaders in each category will win an ASUS ROG prize bundle!
The winners will be flown to Vegas during CES week (the start of January) for the group final for a total prize fund of $10k USD. There's also $1,000 bonus in each category for each world record broken. During the final event, competitors will compete against each other with pre-provided CPUs, graphics cards, memory, motherboards and power supplies. Additional hardware for extreme overclocking should be brought with the competitors. The competition page is: www.kingston.com/hyperxhot13 and event registration is here: http://hwbot.org/competition/hyperxhot13.  
Articles: Overclocking Events
Article Tags: Events
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