ROG Tek’Tonic Mods At Dreamhack Bucharest


“First of all, we would like to start with a big thank you to ASUS ROG Romania. Some of you might have tuned in this weekend, to the DreamHack convention in Bucharest, Romania. ASUS ROG was there, and prior to the convention they held a modding competition, which we couldn’t attend, because of some technical issues we had with the motherboard in our mod. A few days later, after the modding competition had ended, we posted pictures of our mod online. The guys from ASUS Romania were very excited about our project and called to invite us to DreamHack Bucharest, to display our Mod alongside the other winners of their competition.”

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Partnership with Grubby


ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced an exclusive partnership with professional gamer Grubby, who will serve as an ASUS brand ambassador and product consultant. This partnership aims to get ASUS ROG closer to its target audience to better understand their gaming wants and needs. Grubby has been a professional gamer on the European circuit for over 10 years, and is known for his prowess in gaming titles like Warcraft 3, StarCraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm. His first appearance as ASUS ROG brand ambassador will be at the 3-day Play It Cool streaming marathon in Cologne, Germany.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Play It Cool Streaming Marathon


ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) will be holding the Play it Cool Streaming Marathon in Cologne, Germany from 1-3 May, 2015. This campaign aims to dispel the misconception about gaming laptops or small form factor PCs not having the proper cooling systems required for long periods of overclocked performance. Pro-gamer Grubby, along with four well-known Twitch streamers and four gaming teams, will participate in the 3-day streaming event, which will be streamed live on Twitch as well as on the event website ( The event will feature a 24-hour Heroes of the Storm stream, a 24-hour HeartStone stream, as well as a one-day DOTA 2 tournament.

Intel 750 2.5-inch SSD With NVMe And ASUS Hyper Kit

To express Intel’s new 750 series SSD as ‘super fast’ would be an understatement; it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a server-spec product in a consumer product, and the first (consumer) device to bring important NVMe into your gaming or workstation rig.

During the development the TUF Sabertooth X99 motherboard, Intel and ASUS RD together developed a new kit that lets you adapt the motherboard’s M.2 slot (yielding the necessary PCI-Express 3.0 4x) into a connector for the new 2.5″ SSD. While Intel ships the cable with it’s 2.5″ SSD, the M.2 to mini-SAS HD adapter will be known as the ASUS Hyper Kit.