• Full throttle gaming and overclocking

    World-renowned ROG research and development skills keep racking up accolades, including AnandTech Gold Awards. ROG has the vision and the quality, perfecting every MAXIMUS V (Z77 chipset) until it screams power, endurance, and performance. We only use premium components, then add a big dash of exclusive ROG styling with our red and black color scheme. Each MAXIMUS V comes bristling with gaming and OC features, catering to unique needs. EXTREME helps dedicated overclockers shatter world records, FORMULA beefs up your power build with sleek liquid cooling, and GENE is simply the best micro ATX gaming board available.

    That's why we call these boards MAXIMUS - it just doesn't get any better.

  • Electrifying precision

    Extreme Engine Digi+ II uses digital CPU, iGPU, and RAM voltage regulators alongside hardened components to enable performance that pushes your PC to the limit. Change voltages and frequencies with pinpoint precision for the best overclocking control, power efficiency, and component longevity. Plus, power flows via battle-tested Nichicon-GT Black Metallic solid state capacitors, which sustain 20% better low temp tolerance and up to 5X longer lifespans than generic capacitors. Premium chokes and MOSFETs also take the heat and stand the pressure, helped by top-grade heatsinks that are thermally excellent and gorgeous to look at.

  • You've never gamed this great

    Since ROG is made of gamers, we know what's needed for the best experiences. All MAXIMUS V's include multi-GPU support to expand your graphics horsepower. They bust lag and latency with GameFirst II bandwidth management technology and Intel® Ethernet, giving you the edge in online engagements. And since sound is critical to good gaming, SupermeFX audio puts discrete-grade audio on the board, while ThunderFX* boosts headphone output. For those who crave the win, audio is a powerful ally.


  • Because every MHz counts

    ROG arms you for performance tuning starting with our UEFI BIOS, upgraded with intricate GPU and DIMM settings plus robust POST-supporting features. When it comes to tweaking your system, OC Key connects on the hardware level so you can make instant changes with no resource drain, all shown on-screen. VGA Hotwire streamlines graphics card overvolting, maintaining deep DIY results but removing the need for complicated soldering. And if you like your PC cold, then Subzero Sense is literally a cool feature, as it detects temps as low as -190∘C.

    *OC Key, VGA Hotwire, and Subzero Sense available on MAXIMUS V EXTREME

  • Cross-over cooling advantage

    Get the elements working for you as MAXIMUS V FORMULA delivers Hybrid Thermal Solution, a combination of powerful air and liquid cooling readiness. Superior heatsink efficiency defeats the heat, and if you want to go hardcore, everything's ready for your liquid setup: all you have to do is plug it in.

  • Twice the upgrade on one tiny card

    ROG developed mPCIe Combo to make expanding your setup easier. On all MAXIMUS V's it has mSATA and mPCI Express ports for extra connections that are great for SSDs. On MAXIMUS V EXTREME and MAXIMUS V FORMULA mPCIe Combo also offers dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth 4.0, instantly rigging your gaming desktop with the fastest wireless.

  • Intel® Thunderbolt™ ready

    The next generation in data and graphics connectivity boosts transfer speeds up to 10Gbps, which is twice as fast as USB 3.0. Even the biggest files zoom in and out of your PC and between devices as ROG adds Intel® Thunderbolt™ technology to give you the fastest connection options available. Using a standard Mini DisplayPort connector, Thunderbolt™ accelerates peripheral interconnect while offering the efficiency of delivering data and graphics via one cable and port.

    *available on MAXIMUS V EXTREME