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  1. ASUS tech support is giving me a headache
  2. Black screen issue!
  3. A Performance preview of G74SX-3DE
  4. ASUS g73jh and BSOD and old game on STEAM
  5. G73sw 3D
  6. G74SX-BBK7 Upgrade
  7. How to realy test sub-woofer on G73sw's
  8. flicker Screen Asus G73JW
  9. G53jw PCH temp and screen resolution questions
  10. G74sx Grapihics driver
  11. G73JH After sleep duplicates with a projector?
  12. New G73 owner, New to the Forum, SSD question
  13. How to put out cmos battery on G73JH??
  14. Clean recovery - is that possible?
  15. G73SW - games lagging! Over-heating problem?
  16. strange sound in asus g73jh-a1
  17. Asus G74SX. What's next? Time frame?
  18. G74SX Cooling pad
  19. wHERE dA CHriST.. is G74SX 3D???
  20. g53jw overclocking and overvolting?
  21. New Crysis 2 DX11 Hi Texture pack still to much for G74SX...Damn
  22. G53JW-XN1: Conflicting info on *actual* maximum RAM?
  23. G73JH-A1 "Dead" Keyboard Keys
  24. BIOS says 16gb installed, but only 8gb recognized
  25. G53JW - Aero Lag + sudden shutdown
  26. Remap FN Key to create new FN+? combo
  27. G53SW SZ211V cant install new driver for gtx 460m
  28. G73JH Upgrading Advice
  29. G74Sx-XR1 Infrared transmitter/Nvidia 3D?
  30. --RPM as Fan Speed
  31. Fixing TwinTurbo issues
  32. Asus G73JH GPU Buzzing/Beeping Noise
  33. ASUS G73SW 3D - How to Activate Nvidia 3D Vision?
  34. Keyboard Lights after Fresh Reformat
  35. G74SX Keyboard Issues? ATK 1.0.00010 / BIOS 202 Available (SOLVED)
  36. ASUS Vx7sx...yup VX7 with a GTX 560m GPU...
  37. Loud beeps Followed by Freeze/Lagg
  38. using stereoscopic 3d?
  39. G73jh (best buy version) WoW lag spikes
  40. ASUS G53J Keyboard Backlight Not Working...Not a driver issue
  41. G73jh and 3D question
  42. G53 Laptop Keyboard Backlight Problems (Now fixed, thank you all!)
  43. G73S freezing when gaming...
  44. Weird graphical bug appearing in all of my games
  45. cant get it working G53JW 3d vision
  46. AES support disabled by Asus?
  47. ASUS G74SX USB 3.0 Issues
  48. G71GX-RX05 Freezing
  49. Asus G74SX and repair(screen prob)
  50. I'm having a problem cloning my hard drive
  51. ASUS G73 JW Memory issues - Extremely annoying
  52. G74 keyboard 1 and 6 key in a white circle?
  53. G53SW New Keyboard ?
  54. G73SW - XA1 2 Major problems
  55. Low Audio on G74SX? Here's the fix
  56. looking to upgrade my g71gx BB processor?
  57. G74SX - Naked eye 3D
  58. Trouble upgrading drivers for ATI HD 5870
  59. ASUS G73JW - Stutterlags etc - help!
  60. Help with G73JH graphics card going out?
  61. Asus G73JH Shuts Down @ 75'C
  62. Help!
  63. G74SX-1A Explorer Crashes...
  64. Help-NEW G-73 Temperatures
  65. G73JH powercfg -a
  66. Another Quick driver Question for the G74sx
  67. ASUS G73sw-3DE running Crysis 2 on 3D...little performance hit...
  68. G73JW Odd "blank/white screen" on random boots. Fine once Win7 loads.
  69. AI Recovery prog creates errors on disc, then fails to recognize recovery drive...
  70. Ultimate G73JH reformat and clean install geared for high performance
  71. Asus G74SX-A1 Keypad Problem
  72. Black Scree on startup
  73. Coolermaster sf - 19
  74. Logitech mouse driver => BSID on G73JW
  75. G74SX-A1 Video Driver Won't Recognize GPU
  76. G74SX Temps?
  77. G74sx and drivers. (crashes)
  78. G74SX 3D screen
  79. Keyboard back lights reversed
  80. G73SW-A1 CPU (And other) Upgrades
  81. Intel® Core™ i7-940XM Extreme
  82. 460m to 560m
  83. Recognizing memory incorectly on G53JW
  84. Is the 3D-version of G74SX out yet?
  85. Is there a way to lock the processor on 2.8 GHz?
  86. sound sizzle
  87. Fn key doesnt work
  88. Keep ur G74SX or return it for G74SX-3DE??? * Time sensitive*
  89. G53s faulty HDMI port?
  90. G74SX-XR1 SSD install
  91. Need to recover my G73 but...
  92. G53SW-XN1 Optical Drive Interface?
  93. G74SX model numbers - can someone identify differences? TZ048V vs TZ130V
  94. Rog G73jh Harddisc problem.
  95. My G73SW is freezing
  96. Just Got a G73SW-XT1 Driver Question
  97. Probable Bad Ram
  98. Video Driver Crashed? Verde Beta 280.19
  99. Sandybridge Throttle Issue and Workaround
  100. G72GX freezing when playing games
  101. G73H Suddenly Starting to Overheat
  102. G74 Advice Please! Want to install SSD
  103. G73SW-3DE
  104. What components can I add to my G73JW?
  105. ASUS G73S display problem
  106. Asus G73JH Power Up / Start Up Issue
  107. When will New Zealand get the G74SX 3D
  108. g73sw can't read optical media
  109. G74Sx-A1 Battery Not charging - Screen issue
  110. G53SW touchpad issues
  111. G74's will have 2 3DE models?
  112. HDMI audio
  113. Just got my G74SX - One problem
  114. Upgrading WIFI card on G74SX?
  115. Help! G53SW with Hard Drive Recognition Problems!
  116. Sound issue with G73JW-A1
  117. G73jh Lag Spikes ( On Desktop? and all other applications?)
  118. Bag big enough for G74
  119. G74SX trackpad
  120. G73JH GPU repaste: is this thermal compound suitable?
  121. I was thinking of buying a g73jh.
  122. G73JH Strange LCD Distortion Screen (PSOD-like)
  123. Thinking of buying the G53sx
  124. How do I get updated Nvidia Drivers for GTX 460M?
  125. SSD installation (Asus G53SX)
  126. G73SW-out of the box
  127. G53sw which bios?
  128. Just got G53JW , Registered here to get help from you guys !
  129. Thinking of Selling My Asus G73JH-A1 Laptop
  130. Does anyone know what's the difference between the Asus Lambo VX7 and Lambo VX7SX?
  131. G74 from BestBuy 3d Vision trouble. HELP WANTED!
  132. G74SX-A1 how do you disable C3, C6?
  133. What are the rules regarding posting links to or mention websites that sell ASUS pro
  134. G73JH Hard Drive failure?
  135. Seeming to still have keyboard issues.....Suggestions?
  136. Does ASUS ROG Backpack (G73/G74) fits under seat on plane?
  137. ASUS G73JH Twin Turbo Lag
  138. Expected battery duration.
  139. Crysis Resolution Scaling
  140. Asus trade in?
  141. Asus G53SW will not power on with HDMI cable connected
  142. Adding SSD DRIVE
  143. G73 Problems
  144. The Atrocity! .... the deception. I feel violated
  145. ASUS G74SX, windows explorer has stopped working
  146. Anyone with G53JW in Los Angeles area?
  147. G74 Backpack Selection
  148. Monitor stuck at 60hz, and no 3d
  149. G73JH Boot Issue
  150. Upgrading Memory to 16Gs - Is it HARD???
  151. G74SX for music production + firewire query
  152. Asus G73JH Motherboard/Power Jack Problem
  153. G73jw 4 months new,constantly crashes streaming futures & stock data...
  154. WILL THIS RIG CARRY 3 MONITORS + laptop?? G73jw,8gigs,1.5DDR5,gtx460,1TBDDR3.etc
  155. Asus G74SX-A1 Keyboard - Acts Like CTRL Key is Stuck
  156. G53SX display issues
  157. G74sx-3de So is it out ?
  158. Which laptop should I choose? G74SX-XC1, or G74SX-XR1?
  159. Recommended Upgrades?
  160. G73JH Screen issue
  161. SSD installation for boot files
  162. 2 G Series note books both have heat issues asus wont offer me an rma?
  163. G74SX Speaker crackle/static
  164. BD Combo firmware
  165. G53SX apocalypse
  166. G73JH problem.
  167. G74 3D - 120Hz - Flickering
  168. ASUS G74 noise levels?
  169. Asus G74Sx Playback Hotkeys problem
  170. Asus G74 Number pad, and Hard Drive.
  171. G53SX naked eye 3D future?
  172. Wireless Network card replacement on G74SX-A1
  173. how much faster is the sandy bridge series?
  174. Bigfoot Killer Wireless 1103 in G74SX
  175. G53SW-XA1 Backlit Keyboard stays on when lid is closed
  176. G72gx driver and apps left out?
  177. ASUS G-Series + VGA drivers.
  178. Getting an SSD for my G73SW
  179. g60jx fan running full throttle while powered on..
  180. StarCraft 2 G73JW Bad Tearing
  181. Asus G74 Hard Drive Install
  182. Asus G51Vx shuts down without warning - overheating?
  183. G53SX GTX 560m vs G53SW 460m
  184. Asus G74SX Sound l
  185. G74SX USB ports not working
  186. 12.5mm Hard Drives in G74SX
  187. G73SW-A1 hard drive question
  188. G74SX-A1 Second Hard Drive Install (SSD)
  189. hard drive partitions
  190. SSD Brand: OCZ
  191. asus g74sx please help! urgent
  192. Asus g74sx - blackscreen flashes.
  193. ASUS G53SX-A1 LAG in Witcher 2
  195. Mediocre Performance with the G53SW-A1
  196. Playing blueray movies (cd)
  197. G74SX-XT1 and Dual External Monitors
  198. SSD Installation on G53SX
  199. please help asap keyboard problem
  200. G73jh Sound only coming out o subwoofer
  201. G53SW locks up and won't boot up.
  202. How to Switching 2D and 3D mode G74sx?
  203. G74sx-3d more use of amazing display. How to display PS3 on laptop for 3D?
  204. G74 Touchpad issues
  205. ASUS G53SX-XA1
  206. G74SX-A1 Lags / Locks up after fresh Win 7 install
  207. G74SX Wireless Network interface card type?
  208. ROG G53SX-XA1 keyboard
  209. New G53sw problems
  210. Not so random crashing. Suspect heat issues. Checked normal things, though.
  211. G53SW lags when I play pockie ninja or any flash games! and about screen resolution
  212. Doesnt lock on 100%
  213. Microphone issues w/ G73SW-XT1
  214. ASUS ROG GX800 Laser Gaming Mouse Software ...
  215. Reformat/Reinstalled: Question
  216. G73JH Won't Boot
  217. Bootmgr/bios problem
  218. What is the highest safe temperature for G74/G73 GPUs?
  219. Most Expensive ROG Laptop?
  220. Need help
  221. G74 Backpack
  222. BIOS Password
  223. G53 AC POWER
  224. Experience with Bundled Roxio Cineplayer
  225. Low GPU performance
  226. G73 graphics power question
  227. 2nd HDD Detection Faill [G73JH]
  228. G74sx with matte/3D display availability?
  229. [G74SX] Asus Preload Wizard always appear on startup
  230. Asus G73JW problems
  231. Need help with display/video issues. Video included!
  232. Wireless adapter question
  233. g74sx trackpad troubles
  234. G74SX 192 BIT GPU Overclocking Tread
  235. G74sx-3DE 3d vision not working
  236. Turbo/Expressgate buttons not working. Stupd GeekSquad
  237. HPET, Do we have it?
  238. asus g53jw freeze
  239. Finally back from RMA !
  240. G51 - GPU automatically downclocking on battery (AC off)
  241. Overclock 5870m, how?
  242. G74SX-A1 Keyboard Backlight not Working After 202 BIOS Update
  243. G73jh Boot issue: Bootmgr is Missing...
  244. ADW coverage registration for G74SX, quick question
  245. Monitor will not turn on after a BIOS tweak!
  246. G74SX problems with: TouchPad and Recovery CD
  247. How to identify is my new G53sx is Nakedeye capable? Please help!
  248. Game Play issues g74s-xr1
  249. G73JH GPU issues after bios update
  250. ASUS G53SX Bag