View Full Version : Problems with multiple HD7970-DC2T

03-14-2012, 07:39 PM
I'm having issues with the DC2T. I ordered two for a crossfire setup, installed them, and they worked fine for a few days. Then my system started crashing without warning. This happened if I was gaming or just in windows 2D. I tried multiple driver setups (RC11, 12.2 precerts, 12.2, even 12.4 beta), but the same results for all. It even happened when I was in the middle of a driver switch when there were no AMD drivers installed at all. I tried isolating the problem to a single card by running through all the tests with each card individually in the system, but both seemed to crash the system. It would happen consistently within 45-60 seconds of windows loading up, and it seemed to take longer if I closed CCC, but as I said, it still happened eventually. I called Newegg to RMA the cards thinking they were defective, and I received another card from Amazon. FYI, core temps were 34 idle, 70-80 gaming, VRMs up to 105.

I received a third card and tried it (by itself) and it also seemed to be fine for several days. I installed MSI afterburner and all the temps looked good. Never even overclocked it. Then just today I got the same problem - windows crashed. Now I have no clue what the problem is, could it be that all 3 cards are defective? Is there something I need to check?

I'm running these with a Asus P8Z68 V-pro, i7-2600k (bone stock for the moment - no OC)

I really want this card to work because I need the 6 display outputs. Any help is appreciated.