View Full Version : ASUS 7970 overheats on any BF3 setting med/high/ultra

03-23-2012, 01:10 AM
First time posting. My card is overheating within 2 mins ingame. no matter what settings i have.(BF3)
It idles fine(30c), boots fine, but when ingame SP/MP i hear the board alarm. 1 long steady alarm. as soon as i back out of BF3 it goes away. No overclocking, even tried to underclock it. same thing. Please let me know what other info you need.
btw i was running a 6970 on ultra/high mixed settings with no issues.

i did completely uninstall all old drivers including CCC. i do this with every new card i get.
All drivers are up to date with my new card

rampage 4 extreme BF3 edition
corsair dominator 2133 8 x4gbs
i7 3820
asus 7970 TOP
XFX 1250 PSU blck edition
W7 Pro 64

GPU 30
mem 26
power temp 55

ingame this is the temp that the alarm goes off
GPU 62
mem 26 still?
power temp 87
this time the game crashed to desktop

EDIT: i tried again making sure everything was at default. I may be a little too scared to run this long enough when the alarm goes off. as i shut the game down immediately. the power temp is the highest temp. it reached 88c before i shut down. I did not crash or anything, like i said, the alarm scared me and i shut it down. i dont understand why its the same for every setting in the game.

ok guys, i think this is the problem. My alarm was not from my board, it was from my surge protector. which has a battery back up in it. i guess my PC(which is the only thing connected to it /monitor/sound overloaded. gong to try again without protector and report back. because this may help someone else in the future. probably a noob mistake i know. regardless, make sure your surge protector/battery backup can handle your set up

EDIT UPDATE ok set everything to ultra in BF3

gpu 50 to 60 in game playing ultra settings
mem still 26 <- should this go up?
power temp reached 80 and capped at 90 this may go higher if i stayed in longer. im very uncomfortable with this because you can physically feel the heat from the card. i have never experienced this high of a temp before, so i may be over cautious
what do you guys think?

03-23-2012, 10:04 AM
Please do not start multiple threads. That makes the amount of work support folk have to do double for no reason.

Thank you.