View Full Version : 5870 matrix software setup issues

04-21-2011, 11:30 PM
Hello all,

I am the not proud owner of a 5870 matrix 2gb non platinum and am having some serious issues with how to set it up right. It took me forever to just get itracker 2 to not cause my computer to BSOD instantly. I am told by many that this card is a great card that competes with the gtx 480 when OC'd correctly but i just do not see it. I would like to know what drivers people are using. I hear that catalyst suite 10.5 is the most stable, but after trying that one myself, It worked horribly with dual monitoring and caused one screen to not work.

Are the drivers directly from Asus's website different versions of the catalyst suites directtly from asus or just labeled differently?

I was also wondering what drivers everyone else is using with this card?

I am getting terrible frame rates in Starcraft 2 and most other games i play and am almost ready to throw this card out the window.