View Full Version : Radeon HD 6950, Flickering or Flashing Issue

05-28-2011, 03:16 PM
I have two 6950's running in CrossfireX, tried these cards with two brides and one bridge. I have them in a Asus CH4E board, 8 gigs of RAM, 1200w PSU, 120mm fan installed in the card fan bracket of my Cooler Master 932 Advanced case. Asus instructions say for CrossfireX slots 1 & 3 are to be used. All my drivers are updated for everything I got in this case, OS has everything.

Then I tried only a single card. Card #1 went into slots 1 & 3, both installs worked flawlessly, then card #2 also were installed into slots 1 & 3, again both installs worked flawlessly. As a single card, both cards work great!

Now I went back to Crossfire. I tried three different bridges, all in the two locations where they attached to. I also flip flopped both cards several times with all three bridges. Using them in all configurations possible, problem still remains. BFBC2 will run great for a few minutes, then the flickering or flashing will start. Its never constant either, very sporadic. Now I am thinking this is a driver issue, anybody got any ideas? Thanks!

05-30-2011, 05:58 AM
As of now my issue turns out to be a game setting in the INI file that was in my documents folder. For those that play Battlefield Bad Company 2, go to MY DOCUMENTS, the look for the BFBC2 folder, in there is a "settings.ini" file. Change the "bloom=true" to "bloom=false" minus the quotes. Also, change the "DxVersion=auto" to DxVersion=9", again minus the quotes. This will force BFBC2 to run in DX9 mode only. After you change these two settings, save it! Also, the game will change the settings, to prevent this, right click the file and make the file a read only, now your done.

So far, after playing for two days, no flickering, flashing, or strobing at all! Hope this helps anybody else! :)

Google Battlefield tweeks to find this info.

05-30-2011, 09:36 PM
If it only happens with BFBC2, it sounds like a driver issue with CrossfireX.