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08-19-2011, 12:06 AM
So this is an "older" card (last gen hah) and its still pretty wicked.

Last weekend, Posershadow and myself were benching this card for a short time and noticed some really really cool stuff.

For a 5850, its really strong im Aquamark3.

The ONBOARD temp sensor read to -140 celcius. THATS RIGHT -140 CELCIUS, and it was 2c off from the k-type probe we used on the pot (expected delta.) Ive tested quite a few video cards in my day and this is most definately a first for me. (ASUS +10000 brownie points for this)

The board was incredibly stable, and kept scaling with voltage. We stopped at 1.45v (which isnt much considering the beefy pwm and good cooling on it) and passed 1100 mhz easily.

The board is incredibly easy to mod. Though we only did the vcore mod, the controller was in a quite convienient location. If Brian@ASUS could chime in with a high res pic, I can detail the vcore mod.

SOOO.... if you are ever considering getting one for yourself to play with or bench on, dont hesitate to pick it up, its a super easy and fun card to work with.

AM3 score

http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2199812_posershadow_aquamark_radeon_hd_5850_436316 _marks

good enough for 2nd place. 1st is possible but we really really gotta max out the cpu and gpu to catch it. mabye this weekend ;)