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Thread: AI Suite II Issue

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    AI Suite II Issue

    Hello All

    Im haveing an issue with AISuite_II_V10212_XPVistaWin7 (64)

    Downloaded from asus web site....unpack the files got to run setup, asks me to open file security, so i click on run, and nothing happenes. Just wont install no error messages no nothing, i can see the process running in task manager
    Anyone have similar issue ??

    Thank you for you time.

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    I had the exact same issue as you a few days ago. It seems that the ZIP file that I downloaded was corrupt. What I ended up doing was downloading it again, but instead used winrar to extract the file instead of Windows’ built in compression.


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    don't install that crap guys. It's outdated and can cause issues from stability to outright bsod's.

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    Well I would not quite word it as strongly but I have to agree with the sentiment expressed.

    Unless you are using the TurboV application there is little need in my view to install. I use HWmonitor to keep an eye on the temps and fan speeds. And the bios to set my fan speeds.

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