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Thread: Can't seem to turn on keyboard backlight on G53

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    Can't seem to turn on keyboard backlight on G53

    Not sure what i did previously but now my keyboard backlights seems to be permanently off, I have tried using the Fn+F3 and Fn+F4 keys to turn up the keyboard backlights but to no avail.. I think there is nothing wrong with the lights as they do light up for a second or 2 when i first turn on the laptop but after that it goes dark.

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    ok.. reinstalling atkacpi solved it all

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    New ROGer laydown +10
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    I got the same problem, the backlit suddenly isen't working anymore, how do i turn them on again? What's the atkacpi and how do i reinstall it?

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    It's part of the ATK Package (latest version is 1.0.0008) which you can find easily on the Driver and Application Reference sticky in the G73 Forum.
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    I just bought my g53 today and I started using it. Once I started updating it the button that enables the back light only turns the light on and off for the buttons on the top. I tried installing the package you recommended and even made sure it was the latest version(.0008). Do I ave to run anything in the package after I install it because I can't seem to find it by searching and I would have no clue where to start looking for it.

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    I just bought the r701v series and I cant turn on the keyboard backlight how do u turn it on?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Not all ASUS notebook models support backlit keyboard, so you may want to confirm with your store or local ASUS support about this if necessary since the R701series is not sold in my region and I'm not as familiar with it.

    Anyway, for the 'G' series gaming notebooks that support backlit keyboard, you will usually see symbols on the 'F3' and 'F4' keys and can brighten the keyboard backlight in Windows by pressing Fn+F4 a few times.
    Also, if it's supported and working, the keyboard backlight will flash momentarily after you power on the unit before you get into windows, so that can give you an idea if it's supported and working at the hardware level.

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