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Thread: ROG Nordic StarCraft 2 Tournament At ASSEMBLY Winter 2012

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    ROG Nordic StarCraft 2 Tournament At ASSEMBLY Winter 2012

    ROG Nordic are at ASSEMBLY Winter 2012 from 24-25 February (this weekend!) hosting their usual StarCraft 2 Tournament, in association with Nvidia. With This event is a big one for StarCraft fans with top worldwide players attending, so if you can get there - do so early to get a good space!

    The full details are over at Team Liquid, but here's a quick run-down of the events:

    "A reminder of the format: all group matches are best-of-3. Two players will advance from each group to the playoffs where matches are best-of-3 until the semi-finals which are best-of-5, and the final which is a best-of-7 match.

    Prize pool
    The 20 000 $ prize pool will be divided for the top four contestants:

    10,000 $
    6,000 $
    3,000 $
    1,000 $"

    Give us or ROG Nordics a shout if you're going and remember to share your pic on our ROG Facebook page or ROG Gaming Forums.
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    Great Luck to all that attend... bring home that cash !!!

    But more importantly...have a blast .. and yes, yes.......pics please..
    we love the looks on the competitors faces when they get ROG'd..hahahhaa.c.

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