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Thread: Overclocking P8Z68-V LX

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    Overclocking P8Z68-V LX

    I can overclock an intel i5-2500k manually to 5 Ghz. Computer posts, and loads OS but vcore is overvolting cpu over 1.5 v. Using the turbo evo with ASII latest version I can reach 5 Ghz with that, but it still over volts the vcore and it changes BCLK to 103. I called Asus tech support, and was asked why I upgraded to the latest Bios. I reverted the first bios, and it has the exact same bios options. It lacks quite a few settings in the Z68 Pro stickied, and most settings are disabled, enabled, auto. There isn't a vcore setting only an offset.

    I love spending extra money for a kuhler h20 920 and can't get a OC higher than 4.5 Ghz. Every walkthrough on every over clocking forum I've been on all have options in the bios which mine doesn't. You would think boards in the same chipset series would have the same options. Tech support had no clue what I was talking about.

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    Hello mate

    Lets just take it one small step at a time.

    What is your desired overclock?
    What voltages are you willing to use to achieve that number?
    What BIOS are you using?
    What settings are you using?

    Please provide information so we can help you.

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    What is your desired overclock?
    5.0 ghz

    What voltages are you willing to use to achieve that number?
    As much below 1.5v vcore.
    I have a manual OC of 4.5 water cooled. I used the OS turbo and it clocked to 103.1 or 103.4 blck to 4667 MHz approx. Played a game for an hour and motherboard reached 100 degrees as I was shutting it off. Going by my memory it's approximate.

    What BIOS are you using? 0703 award
    What settings are you using? Bios does not have vcore or CPU voltage only offset, PLL and load line(auto,enabled, disabled). Which is standard for all the settings. C1E off, C3 off, there is a 3rd C state left on, turbo and speedstep on, thermal protection on, spread spectrum off, first timings on ram set to default manually at 10, 10 etc and 1T. Virtualization off, PLL Overvoltage enabled or auto, Execute Disable Bit off,
    Limit CPUID disabled, execute bit disabled. At 4.5 I have bclk 100, turbo all cores 45.

    8 gb of crucial performance ram ddr3 1600
    P8Z68-V LX, Antec 300, corsair 850 watt 80 certified
    Intel i5-2500k
    Antec h20 920
    60 gb sad cache
    500 gb raid 1
    850 watt 80 certified PSU

    Blck at 100 or lowering ram would take care of the heat. Cores run 70 max, but the mono temp got hot at 4.6. Ram is set at 1.5v. That is only setting I can actually set to an exact volt. Everything else is CPU plus or minus offset. That and the times on the turbo speed.
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    Well I called and got the stores permission to take the board back since what they sold me doesn't meet the specifications I asked for. But I'd still would be interested in a response since I may still buy another Asus z68 chipset.

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