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Thread: Get your G73 Hard Drive Caddy here!

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    I left ASUS, please contact cl-scott Mason@ASUS +10
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    Get your G73 Hard Drive Caddy here!

    As promised during the launch of our new eStore, we now have G73 Hard Drive caddies available for purchase! The HDD caddy is compatible with both the G73JH and G73JW.

    click here

    This hard drive caddy will enable you to securely mount an additional 2.5" hard drive to your G73 laptop.

    Note: Screws not included. Requires (4) M3x3 screws & (2) M2.5x5 screws.

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    ROG Enthusiast MattL +10
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    I hate to sound ungrateful, I really do. I'm glad you finally at least offer to sell us one, but $23+shipping is crazy for just a bracket, and you don't even give us the six screws we need.

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    THANKS! I've been looking for these. Can we get some idea of shipping time to the USA? Where are they coming from? The only other place I found them was from a supplier in Europe and shipping takes 4 weeks and is sort of expensive from there.

    Okay, now the page is saying they're OUT OF STOCK. Well, that didn't last long.

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    I left ASUS, please contact cl-scott Mason@ASUS +10
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    MattL- Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry the price isn't to your liking and it doesn't come with any screws. I will pass this feedback to the eStore department.

    raydabruce- We sold out in one day but we will have more stock in about a week. There is a feature on eStore called "Notify me when product is available", which will do just that.

    We use FedEx as our courier and the shipping price will depend on which shipping method you choose at the end of the checkout process. For US orders, we offer ground (may be free shipping), saver, 2-day, and overnight; and orders ship from Fremont, CA. For Canada orders, we have ground and FedEx First overnight; and orders ship from Markham, ON.

    eStore's typical processing time is 2 business days. So your order should ship within 2 days of placing the order, and then will take however long the shipping method that you chose takes to arrive to you.

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    M2.5x5 found here

    M3x3 found here

    Hope this helps.

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    Any idea when you have more in stock? I have been on the notify me list for quite a while (a week or so). Thanks.

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    The site says the auto-notify option is currently disabled.
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    Price Fixing

    This price fixing on a proprietary hard drive caddy is despicable. Why should I be paying for a caddy that costs 1/4 the price of the hard drive it is holding?

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    TeamROG Moderator xeromist +100 xeromist +100 xeromist's Avatar
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    I'm just using some non-conductive material as spacers. No caddy needed.

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