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Thread: Need help with Crosshair V Formula Northbridge Replacement

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    3 in one "country" then.
    CPU: i5-3570K | MB: M5F | Mem: 16GB dominator platinum | GPU: 2x EVGA hydro copper 780 | SSD: 3 x OCZ 120gb | PSU: Corsair 1200i | CPU cooling: custom water cooling | Monitor: LG 47" ( main ( tv ) ), acer 24" s242hl

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    You think that maybe there is a batch of boards that were not perfect? Might be you never say never.

    Could you pm me with your serial numbers of the motherboards please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokey27 View Post
    Anyway to make a long story short,im not happy when playing games on stock speed with this cpu,it actually has lower performance then my old phenom wich i ran at 3.8ghz.And most of all while all my temps are low the northbridge is idling at around 48 - 50 and shoots up to 60 when gaming.I still oc'd it and while going higher i did not saw my nb temps rise higher then on stock speed,while my cpu temps were going up but stayed well below 50.I can even feel the heat on the right side of my case when laying my hand on where the nb is placed.Im not planning to play games everyday with my nb temp this high.

    Full specs are

    Crosshair Formula v
    CPU - FX 1820
    CPU Cooler - NH-U12P SE2
    Corsair vengeance 16gb (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
    GTX560TI - 2 way sli
    OCZ ZX 1000w

    Thanks for reading.
    I find your opinion similar to mine... it's quite impressive when the only way to believe it is you having the product and realize yourself how amazing it is at overclocking.

    That's how I feel about ASUS motherboards. Unfortunately I'm more into graphics enthusiastic then LAN enthusiastic... Although I should consider this board unless they have an upcoming new version of this in 1 or 2 years or more... Since I recently purchase the RIVE...

    Sorry I'm just commenting... I don't think I have the experience to suggest anything since I'm a novice 1st timer RIG self-custom build PC...
    But I'm just commenting about how it's proven when an individual tries the product and become amazed with it and converts myself and others to be an enthusiastic in ASUS and overclocking lmao... It's usually the person who's a bit more open mind to try ASUS out and experience the overwhelming WOW factor...

    I also read a advice from NVIDIA website on how to overclock your GPU with different games to your model of GPU...

    I usually use skyrim cos it's quite high graphic output... Unless those 3D visions are higher with brightness to max lol


    Antialiasing4 Samples4 Samples4 Samples

    Anisotropic Filtering16 Samples16 Samples16 Samples

    Texture QualityHighHighHigh

    Radial Blur QualityHighHighHigh

    Shadow DetailUltraHighMedium

    Decal QuantityUltraUltraUltra


    Reflect LandOnOnOn

    Reflect TreesOnOnOn

    Reflect ObjectsOnOnOn

    Reflect SkyOnOnOn

    Object Fade151515

    Light Fade353535

    Actor Fade151515

    Item Fade151515

    Grass Fade777

    Specularity Fade151515

    Distant Object DetailUltraUltraUltra

    Object Detail FadeOnOnOn

    Windowed ModeOffOffOff

    Average FPS42.6753.8740.27
    ASUS Entheustic <3r MOBO RIG: First RIG first custom built myself...
    Antec Darkfleet-80 (Antec said it's a new Full Tower ATX.. and also said copied from other ATX..) / Rampage 4 Extreme / Intel i7-3820 (hope to upgrade to i7-3960X but cannot afford on budget atm...) / EVGA 560 Ti OC 256-bit 1GB 4-way SLI Kingston XMP 8 GB 2400 mhz DDR3 / Cool Masters 1000w PSU / Phantek European design Heatsink for LGA 2011 /ASUS Blu-ray Drive / Seagate SSHD 500GB Momentus XT Win 7 64-bit Ultimate / AutoCad2000

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    Double post srry,image verification messed up.
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    Thanks for the reply's guys

    @ kkn Im based in the netherlands,so you got a similair problem i guess ?
    Its not even quite summer yet..and my nb temps are already 62 maxed out,possible they will rise a few more degrees when the heat starts to kick in my room.Anyway this thead is about the Formula IV http://www.overclock.net/t/748397/as...erheating-poll having similair problems as the formula V.On page 10 you can see Maximator having installed the EK i think,and his temps went down from 59c to 42c idle,Huuuge improvement you might say.

    http://www.overclock.net/t/1011937/w...ula-nb-temp/10 another thread started by people who have problems with their Formula V nb temps.

    Anyway..some say the nb has a threshold of 85 degrees..others say it shouldnt ever get above 65c,others say it doesnt really matter the nb is supposed to run hot,as you see i can find different answers everywhere.But just to be safe i will get the ek nb watercooling,because this board is truly awesome despite this nb heat issue, ( wich dont have to be a problem at all,and im just being paranoid maybe ) but i still want to have lower temps.

    @XtremePerformance: I have a slight gpu overclock 830 -> 870 and mem only up with 5mhz because it was throttling down in a game,and doing this made it stop throttling down constantly.My 2 560 ti's still blow every game out of the water,so i have no real need to heavily oc these,yet.No idea when they have an upcoming version of this board,but like i said despite the nb temps,and if your willing to spend some money on replacing the heatsink ( you might not have the nb heat problem at all btw ) then you'll have a incredile mobo,really im not complaining about this mobo at all,just the nb temp.btw thanks for the provided link

    @HiVizMan: thanks for all your answers and help,i will start a new thread soon in the hope i get some help from watercooling experts.

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    No problem my friend, I do not like to offer advice about stuff I do not know enough about. Water cooling is one such topic.

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    Easy solution to hot North Bridge.

    What i did to cool down the NB was to take the useless heat-sink that you always get with your new processor. Remove the fan that's mounted on top of the heat-sink, plug it into 4-pin . Rest it on top of your graphics card and point it at the NB heat-sink.
    Dropped my temps 7-10 Celsius and didn't cost me any $$$. Also I can control the fan speeds through AI Suite.

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    I am using the EK-FB Crosshair V waterblock and my NB stays in the 30c range. If you find one do not waste time thinking about it. They are currently changing the design and when EK does this they quit selling thw old one's. I am also cooling my FX8150 on the same cooling loop. I am using EK supremacy Acetal Nickle CPU block, the above mentioned NB Block a Swiftech MCP655B pump 1/2id 3/4od tubing and a Blackice SR1 420 RAD with 6 140mm fans in push pull configuration. At 4.7ghz cores at 47c under full load and NB at 30c.
    FX 8150 4.6ghz
    Crossair V Formula
    Corsair VENGANCE DDR3 2133 16gig
    2x Samsung SSD 128 in RAID 0
    WD V Raptor 300gig
    2x Samsung 1tb in RAID 0
    Thermaltake 1050w 80 + Gold
    Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow edition/custom water cooled
    STRIKE - X fan controler.
    ASUS VE278 27" monitor
    ACER S20 1HL 20" monitor
    Logitech Z906 THX Cert 5.1
    Pioneer BD optical drive

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    Maybe a silly idea but first dismount your mobo. Then unscrew the heatsink of the NB. Check how the thermal paste has been applied.

    I have seen it more than once that its a big sloppy mess.

    Get yourself a good thermal paste. Completely clean the NB and the heatsink and apply new paste.

    Screw the heatsink back on the mobo. Etc

    Now check your temps again...

    Mine dropped by at least 10 degrees!!Lot cheaper than switching to H2O ...

    Although I just about finished building my system and the ek block is the last part on the shopping list. Going to buy it soon.
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    been in touch with ek .. there going to start making a new rev of the n/b waterblock by the end of the month .. yay ...
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