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Thread: Asus G74sx-91234z-Asus live update result in screen resolution problem!! Advise pls ,

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    I can confirm that the method in the previous post works.

    The ASUS Live Update thing did this to me twice before, where the command prompt pops up "for no reason" and then knocks the screen resolution way down, and the way I solved it was to use the drivers CD that came with the laptop. An annoying process, but it worked.

    But now that it did it for a third time and I figured out that it was the Live Update to blame, I opened the Live Update window and clicked on the gear icon (after the update installed, which it gave no indication of progressing until it was done) and changed the settings from updating automatically to prompting me to give the OK before doing anything.

    Hopefully this doesn't happen again. My G74sx rocks, but when that Live Update would make everything wacky...that was annoying, to be kind.

    So yea...go to that Nvidia link, install the driver. When you go to run it, it will tell you that it can't run. Restart and run it again. Restart again and everything should be back the way it was.

    Also...you guys all play Diablo too. Funny. That is one thing that really irked me, is that Diablo wouldn't work.

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    HELP! asus update

    OMG mate you have to help me. I got onto my computer this morning (had been running the night before) I have an Asus G74sx i think its called, anyways this update popped up and now my resolution is stuck on massive and the games i play (SWToR and LOL) now both dont work, how can i fix this mate, you seem to be the only 1 who knows what there talking about, cheers

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    Just uninstall asus live update it only creates problems.
    Then go to nvidia.com and download the newest driver for your graphics card.
    Installing the driver should fix the problem. You might want to do a "Clean install", for that choose custom during install and then perform a clean installation.

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    Just want to chime in that installing from the nVidia website fixed my issue as well. Definitely the place to go!

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    Here's a link to the answer

    Hi Guys,

    I just want to confirm that nvidia clean install worked.

    Go here:

    Once installed choose clean install and it will work.



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    Hi guys,

    I had a very similar experience but then something different happened, so if anyone is having this problem and is reading this thread they might want to take this on board. Like others have mentioned, I experienced a problem when Asus Live Update started downloading stuff, opening command prompt, and restarting my computer a couple of times, causing my display to get stuck at a low resolution which I couldn't restore. Upon opening Live Update, it showed that it was downloading an nVidia update (9 of 12 I think), but the progress bar was stuck at about 60%.

    So, following the advice of posters above, I downloaded that nVidia driver installer. I was just about to restart my computer, when, all of a sudden, Asus Live Update flashed up a command prompt (something about uninstalling something) and then my resolution was back to its former glory. All in all it took about 5 or 10 minutes to complete - although I'm still not really sure what it actually did.

    So, if you're reading this thread and trying to figure out what to do, just make sure Asus Live Update is running in the background and give it 5 or 10 minutes to see if it fixes itself.

    The only issue I had afterwards is that I had to manually disable 3D vision and restore the resolution settings in some of my games. No other problems so far.

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    I would like to ask a question about a similar but markedly more severe problem I have encountered.

    I did the same as many others in the thread, allow ASUS Live Update to access my computer, but instead of it acting independently of me, I opened it shortly after getting my G74S to see if I could install video drivers I needed for Steam games. I looked through a list of (reccomended) updates and downloads for ASUS utilities, and checked three of the reccomended items for installation. The Nvidia driver, a sound driver, and a BIOS updater/flasher. Shortly after these items finished installing, Live Update restarted my computer without warning or permisson. Upon restarting, however, I discovered that my G74 would no longer progress past the Windows logo during startup, no matter my actions. I figured it was a driver conflict, and reset with the power button to try a safe mode uninstall.
    When I started it in safemode, however, it would not go any further than loading about half the necessary files before hanging up and not progressing to safe mode. A few more resets yielded the same results in each safe-mode I tried. Then I decided to totally reset the computer by shutting down and removing the battery for a short while to clear everything. This time it did allow me to get all the way to my desktop while starting Windows normally, but about a minute of sitting at my desktop and Live Update reappeared, restarting me again without permission, putting me right back where I was at the Windows logo screen.
    Now, no amount of resetting, hard or soft, gets me to anywhere but Windows Startup Repair, which always gives me the option to system restore, which is not functioning, and spits out an unspecified registry error. No other utility or option is functioning but startup repair, which does nothing at all, and I fear I may have corrupted the registry with my repeated resets in my attempts to fix this issue.

    So my question is this: reviewing the issues I have laid forth, is there a way to yet access and fix my startup and Live update issues, or am I better off just wiping everything and starting with a fresh install of Win7? Bear in mind the computer in question is days old and holds no vital information I would mind wiping clean. Thank you for your time in advance.

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    Same here I finally gave into live update. The vid driver it installed lowered my screen res. Went to Nvidia web site downloaded latest driver. Did clean install. All fixed. Simple. Wish this D*#! optical drive issue was that easy to fix....

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