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Thread: Secure Boot isn't compatible with your PC

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    Secure Boot isn't compatible with your PC

    Hi can anyone tell me if windows 8 will still work on my pc. i get this error ... "Your PC's firmware doesn't support Secure Boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8. (what is secure boot and do i need it) ps if any one is using windows 8 on the rampage iv with the i7-3930-k can you please let me know if its any good? have to say METRO looks s**t!!

    one more thing will i need to flash my SSD 1st b4 starting win8 or will it go on over the top of windows 7 ult 64bit ok?

    thanks for your help any info is good info.

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    You shouldn't need secure boot to use it. But why even bother with Windows 8? It looks like crap to me too and it's going to be years before there are any games out that require Windows 8. I see no reason for any of us to switch. I'm going to stick with 7 until Microsoft figures out that my computer is not a tablet!
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