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Thread: Asus G73jh - shut down randomly

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    Asus G73jh - shut down randomly

    Hi there, i 'm very very upset by my Asus G73jh i bought last summer.

    First, after several months, my screen became psychedelic with vertical colors ligns => RMA => new screen

    Then, i experienced some freezes => i desintall creative suite

    Then, my touchpad became crazy => bios 213

    If i update my videos drivers => GSOD

    and Now since several days, i experienced several shuts downs randomly. No blue screen, no system errors, juste shuts downs. i don't find any solution about this issue....

    I'm tired about all this problems for a computer which costs a lot and should work fine!
    I wanted this computer juste to play WoW... it's not a very heavy game... and i can't play beacause of these shuts down.

    Republic of GAMERS.... really ????

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    TeamROG Notebook Member Chastity@ASUS +10 Chastity@ASUS's Avatar
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    I don't see anywhere mentioning of updating your vBIOS. I would do this pronto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chastity View Post
    I don't see anywhere mentioning of updating your vBIOS. I would do this pronto.
    Every Virus protection company updates their programs automatically or when you allow it... What is the problem with ASUS...
    I see over a 100 people viewing the G73 Thread... Is that because of all THE PROBLEMS WITH IT...

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    EXactly, why do I have to pass SEVERAL hours about finding the stupid solution for this computer.
    This should workl out of the box.

    Im piss off!

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