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Thread: Found a fix to, Nvidia Installer Failed.

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    Found a fix to, Nvidia Installer Failed.

    If anyone is having problems with removing and installing new Nvidia Drivers.

    The error you might get is Nvidia Installer Failed. I found a work around.This will not allow you to install any drivers out of the driver pack, even update them. It will just kick you straight out..... Here is the work around.

    Steps to take:

    1. Download latest graphics drivers and if you get the failure you will have NVIDIA folder in your C drive. (because it extracts and makes the directory before the failure happens).

    Address for driver is (C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\304.79\Win8_64\Internatio nal\Display.Driver)

    2.You have to uninstall your display driver in device manager. THEN RESTART.

    3.After restart; in device manager right click and update drivers manually by finding the nvidia driver ONLY.
    Typically somewhere around (C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\304.79\Win8_64\Internatio nal\Display.Driver)
    The driver will install for just the display.

    4. Once you restart, Reopen the Nvidia driver .exe file and run the installer again. After accepting the terms you will choose "CUSTOM" install then select the box that says "Perform a Clean install".

    It will now install the pack with all new updates drivers for update,physx etc etc.....

    There is something with the driver not allowing the pack to install unless the driver you are installing is the exact driver your trying to update with.

    AND yes I understand why install it if the manuel driver installed and worked. WELL, this allows the whole .exe program to update all of the drivers that the failure misses.

    Hope that helps -Ryan

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    Interesting. Thanks for the tip!
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    Thanks for the tip! Just a quick addition for step 2 : you may have to do a complete removal of the driver files before going to step 3 (follow method II.A in this article). I applied your advice on four pcs (GTX 570, GTX 460) and two out of them worked while the others were fixed by running windows update. It's a strange thing

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