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Thread: Rampage III Extreme Drivers Windows 8

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    Rampage III Extreme Drivers Windows 8

    Few questions:

    1 - Will ASUS be updating drivers for R3E to match Windows 8?

    2 - Currently.. Windows 8 already installed it's own drivers on all devices upon installation. Would installing the Windows 7 drivers be unnecessary (out of date) or are the ASUS drivers provided on the site required to get the most out of your hardware?
    (should I go ahead and just install the win7 drivers?)

    Just asking as some previous hardware I owned required drivers on the website to enable specific motherboard function, where as default windows drivers didn't enable these features (like lanes and power).

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    1. Asus driver team can answer the question.
    2, MS only provide the generic driver. Unless Asus release the updated driver, we have to live with it. Having said that the win 8 not official release. So be patience with it.
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    Thanks for the tip paly! I'll take my query to them direct if I can Otherwise the system is very snappy. Transfer rates are as they should be, USB 3.0 going well, Bluetooth works etc.. I'll go ahead and bench and compare it to my Win7 scores. If all is as it should be, I'm sure the generics will suffice.

    UPDATE: They replied and said yes, however they're unsure "when" (spacifically) and to watch the website. Hope this info is useful to those who are googling around trying to find out if yes or no... so yes!
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