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Thread: Need wifi card for RIVE...

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    Need wifi card for RIVE...

    I need an internal wifi card for my Rampage IV Extreme (WHY the hell did they include BT and not wifi. they should have included wifi and NOT BT).

    I have a USB dongle (and its even an asus!) and every single one of these devices is a complete and utter pile of USELESS TRASH. Ive never seen a single USB wifi adapter that was worth a damn, they all drop packets, are constantly reconnecting and sometimes just fail to connect outright.

    I would LIKE to get a real wifi card for this machine... does one even exist?

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    I am sure they exist, have you tried looking in a store? I have 2 ASUS usb wifi dongles and they have worked very well. As for the BT, I have seen ASUS create threads asking end users what they liked and disliked and what they wanted on their ROG boards. I have not seen another manufacturer do that. Must have been a reason behind the BT.

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