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Thread: 3 Projector Eyefinity

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    ROG Member jed_PK +10
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    3 Projector Eyefinity

    I want to set up an eyefinity group on my gaming rig with 3 projectors. Looking at projectors i saw that full hd projectors on
    newegg are upwards of $800. Does anybody know of cheaper hd projectors, more in the 4-500 dollar range? I will consider the more expensive ones if I have to. Also does anyone have any tips for me? I plan on gaming and watching TV, netflix, and movies on this setup.

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    iron man kkn +150 kkn +150 kkn's Avatar
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    wow i must say, how do you gona set up all 3?
    i would recomend to go on a AV forum and ask or look around, unless there are ones that have projectors here on the forum.
    you have to think of the light, lag, +++ when seting up projectors ( as i guess you know )
    mabye start whit one and add on more laters?

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    I can recommend Wide Screen Gaming Forum if there´s no help here.

    Good luck with your build, let us know how you progress

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    +1 wsg forums is your best place to ask
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    Try to find somewhere they have projectors set up for demo. You might find that you don't actually need a full HD projector if your projection size is relatively small. 3 1024x768 projectors can still create a pretty good image and it's still more lines than 720p. They're a ton cheaper!

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