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Thread: M5A99X EVO and Windows 8

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    M5A99X EVO and Windows 8

    My motherboard doesn't have any USB 3.0 drivers nor any of the tools I would come to expect from an ASUS motherboard, such as Fan Xpert or the full AI Suite. It's been a few weeks since Windows 8 was released and I would think that a big hardware company like ASUS would be up to speed on this. So far I can only find USB 3.0 Boost (useless as I don't have the drivers) and AI Boost, which also suffers from the same problem.

    Is there any word on the updating of drivers for Windows 8?

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    Most of the drivers for the M5A99X EVO R2.0 board will work with your motherboard. Full Win8 compatibility requires the R2.0 board though.

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    Thanks for your help. I seem to have now got USB Boost working as well as the Fan Xpert!

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    Is it fine to use the newer AI Suite II for the M5A99X EVO 2.0 download section if you are running the original M5A99X EVO or shoud you stick with the older version of AI Suite listed under the Win 7 downloads section? I ask because I never could get that AI Suite to install.

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    Welcome to the Republic of Gamers forums, InternetOwl.

    It is recommended that you use the AI Suite II that is specific for your motherboard.

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    I assumed as much, thnx for the reply. Its just that that AI Suite isn't compatible with win8 apparently, and never installed on my system even when I had win7. But again, thnx for the reply and the welcome.

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    i got the same mobo and the drivers doesnt work on win8 but u can go on asus site and go on the M5A99X r2 drivers which uses the same chips and works on win8

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