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Thread: Todays findings..

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    Todays findings..

    One for me, and one for kid..

    The M5G is going to be so fun to build.. .. Insane watercooling and light/ fans. Super silent.. Pink/White

    Its for my 13 year old.. Santa will bring her this one..

    got the 775, hdd, and gpu= 12 usd

    Its perfect for me..
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    Super Moderator HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan's Avatar
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    ah I wanted the pink one....

    Have fun my friend.

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    X .. this made my day brother .. 'the giggl'n kid in a candy store' ... may the day 'we' lose
    That Glee for the thrill of Life ... be my last.

    Salute my friend .. Best of the Best .. let the Pink ..... begin.

    [[ ps.. 'She' is a 'teen' now and you may refer to her as myLady ..
    'the kid' ... hahahha .. not so much ... and I believe as time passes
    there will also be much more ... '..as you wish it, myLady.' ...hahahha
    for everything else with a teenLady ... there is the RocketLauncher..hehe.]]

    "Daddy, why does every boy that comes to pick me up run away
    screaming before I get to the car ?? " .... hahahhaha
    "I don't know sweetness, I just showed him this bullet and put
    his initials on it." ... hehehe.c.

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    Yes, and now i thought i had a 775 cpu at home. bummer.. wrong socket

    Need to get one fast, and ram

    yes, chris. Pink uv Mayhem it is..

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    Under a rock

    X Pack, I also have a 14 yr old daughter. Perhaps you'll find some truth in what's posted here?


    (& no, I am not Chiram--even though I could have easily been the author of the last two found at the link above. )

    P.S. Good luck on the "pink." If you screw up on yours, you'll still live a happy life. Screw up on hers though, & all bets are off!!!
    "If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, pick it up. & if you can't pick it up...paint it RED & BLACK !!"
    G75VW-BBK5 {stock}

    ............ Macrium Reflect..................Full G55VW/G75VW model list!

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    Great link.........


    I use to say> if you are not careful with my daughter, i will take you out in the woods any bury you..

    Told her stepfather that also, a couple of years ago..

    192cm/100kg to back that up.. ;o)

    Over protective, NO. just love my kids..

    I am looking forward to complete this build, and the joy, to see my kids face at Christmas..
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    Quote Originally Posted by X Pack View Post
    192cm/100kg to back that up.. ;o)


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    No Need..

    If anyone is interested, i can list the HW for this build..

    aint going to make a build/photo log..

    Could need help finding, with the most insane/eye catching 120mm pwm fans out there (led), not blue.. I am not 2 thrilled about swapping leds..

    I have been looking at the Xigmatek XAF 120mm pwm (white led)

    Or the all white bitfenix 120mm pwm (sickle)

    50-70 cfm, around there
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    If you want to bling up your rig, this is what you need. Enermax Apollish Vegas White LED.
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    need pwm.........

    Got 2 rads, that will be pwm controlled (fans)

    This build will almost be inaudible..

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