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Thread: Cpu temp suddenly ABSOLUTELY HIGH

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    Cpu temp suddenly ABSOLUTELY HIGH

    My temps when i log into windows are idling at 50-53 celsius.....that is WAY too high......it was absolutely ok idling at 37-42 max half a month ago....i reaseated heatsink and reaplied thermal paste 2 times in a row and still the same....no dust in the fans( because i have corsair h80) my cpu is fx 8350 mb sabertooth r2 and if you want to know anythink else please comment below.....i would need your help pls.

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    Could you please help into the bios hardware monitor manual,then check the temperature under the standby idle have too high?

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    Ensure that your pump is actually working and if your system has options for pump control what your current setting is.

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    Go into your bios and check what speed the PUMP is running at if at all.

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    well i dont know how to check pump rpm but it says cpu fan rpm is above 2000.....if you want me to check think please tell me where to find them and what exactly you want to know....thank you for your help in advance

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    you don't plug your pump into your cpu fan at all. It needs 100% power all the time and should be around this 4438 RPM - mine at idle 13 °C (55 °F)
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    Make sure you don't over use the thermal paste. Using too much can make the CPU overheat.
    If you use a water cooler, check for dust in the heatsink (make sure to remove the fan and check for dust there as well).

    Have you placed the cables so air flow in the case is good?
    Place the cables along the case sides or behind the motherboard (not possible in all cases).

    Can you post a screenshot of Hardware Monitor (CPUID app)?

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