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Thread: Petition to Asus for more detail on BIOS changes ("changelog"); from us users

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    Post Petition to Asus for more detail on BIOS changes ("changelog"); from us users

    This is a Petition to AsusTEK for more detail on Rampage series motherboards BIOS changes (the "changelog"); from all us users.
    Please "sign" this petition by posting your screen name here, indicating that you want significantly more detail than just "improve stability" on the BIOS changes description.

    HalloweenWeed - I want more detail as described above.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nodens View Post
    Intellectual property/patent related stuff won't ever be in a changelog by any company and whatever product. This is the main reason changelogs are so.. lacking. If (I can't stress "if" enough) any change is made into the changelog policy then it can only include non-IP stuff. Everyone should understand this.
    This is post #28 below.
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    Affiniti - I would kill to know if it's worthwhile to update or not based on changelog notes :P

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    ROG Enthusiast Halfdead +10
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    I would also like more information than "improve stability".

    - Halfdead

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    Count me in buddy, I posted the last 2 updates ago stating that I felt improve stability is far too vague to allow users to evaluate if they need to update or not.
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    +1 Snakeyes
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    +2 ricksmet

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    ROG Member Daggi +10
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    Yes More information


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    +1 from me
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    +1 , want more information about the updates. Would be nice if the info also contained related issue for the update...

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    Or we can just ask Nodens to let us know what's inside)

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