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Thread: Acces violation at address 756c139D in module 'kernel32.dll'. Write of address CCCCC0

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    New ROGer Sahrul +10
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    Acces violation at address 756c139D in module 'kernel32.dll'. Write of address CCCCC0

    When I'am Istalling ASUS ROG Exchange V1.00.14 for Windows 7/8 32bit & 64bit at MAXIMUS V EXTREEM, every starting windows always shown this message Acces violation at address 756c139D in module 'kernel32.dll'. Write of address CCCCCCC0. ()

    i'am ussing
    Win7 Ultimate x64
    I7 3770K
    2x4GB GSKILL 266MHz

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    New ROGer gillie +10
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    Nov 2012
    Ogden, Ut, USA

    I am getting the same message on windows start up. I am running a P9X79 Pro with Win7 64bit, and ASUS AI Suite II v1.02.16. My system runs, but many programs crash on start up. The only generic response I've been able to look up on the internet is possible bad memory, or bad hard disk. I have not been able to track the problem to either possibility. I have 32 GB of system memory and recently installed a new 2 GB Hitachi hard drive, so it is possible there could be a problem there, but I haven't been able to identify a problem with either source.

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    Banned feniks +20
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    most likely bad memory stick, run memtest on it and make sure it can go through 1 full pass without red errors.
    other than that, it might be a conflicting app/driver causing similar things, especially if in both cases mentioned here the violation address is same.

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    New ROGer moker777 +10
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    Access violation at address 76A1136D in module 'kernel32.dll'. Write of address CCCCCCCO.
    only since I installed asus update

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    Super Moderator HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan +200 HiVizMan's Avatar
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    Please use the memtest86+ guide in my sig. You can use the ver5.2 as that is the latest stable version. Please do follow each step in the guide in the correct order as they tell us where and what is broke if anything is broke.

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