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Thread: Overclocking G74SX-BBK7

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    ROG Member fearfromtron +10
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    Overclocking G74SX-BBK7

    I would like to know where would one start to overclock the g74sx in terms of programs to be used. I successfully overclocked the graphics card a bit using MSI Afterburner but I'm clueless as to where to start to overclock the CPU and Ram. Any gurus?

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    TeamROG Notebook Member Chastity@ASUS +10 Chastity@ASUS's Avatar
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    At this point in time, there is no utility to overclock a SandyBridge (Intel Gen2) Mobility CPU unless it is an Extreme non-ES chip. Sorry. Tho it's moot since TurboBoost does an excellent job.
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    ROG Member omega939 +10
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    Will there be an added tweaks for memory timings through bios then if we cant see manual overclocking for the cpu?

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    ROG Member havokshomeboy +10
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    Isn't overclocking a laptop a bad idea? Heat and all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by havokshomeboy View Post
    Isn't overclocking a laptop a bad idea? Heat and all?
    Heat and power consumption both actually. BUT if the cooling system is adequate and you're running mostly plugged in anyway a little OC can be just what is needed to squeeze playable performance out of some games. In general I wouldn't recommend it just for giggles but some people have a good reason.

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    Recommend it?

    I have the same machine (BBK7, Best Buy version), and am wondering if I should overclock this guy. I've read a vast array of accounts, from "not worth it" to "holy****ing****balls IT'S SO MUCH FASTERRR BAGHHGHG!!"

    What do you guys have to say? ALSO: IF I decide to overclock (using MSI Afterburner or NVIDIA Inspector), would I have to go into my BIOS and change any voltages??

    Additionally, would I have to access fan settings and fiddle with those? Can/Should I do any of this?

    Thanks a lot for reading. Here's hoping this forum is active.

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    Not to revive a dead thread, but I was wondering if anyone OC'ed their GPU's and what numbers they had going and what program they used? I'm using MSI Afterburner and it's not doing as well as some others are doing...thanks guys!

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