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    Hello. I just got an ASUS g750jx-tb71. Sku is as0173318 at compusa (tiger direct). I was reading somewhere here on the site that I should upgrade the laptop with an SSD drive and use the HDD as a storage device.

    I called ASUS and asked them if the laptop can get that done. They said yes I can add an SSD drive 256gb or smaller. Now HOW would I do that? How would I connect it? Any instructions somewhere here or on the net? thx.

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    From 1:52 you can see how to upgrade to SSD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3qvoaWsM_w

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary70 View Post
    The Samsuing 840 120GB goes for less (Not on BestBuy) and is a far superior SSD than the PNY one.

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    Awesome. I will google the Samsung one. Thx.

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