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Thread: Going to get SSD

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    Going to get SSD

    Hi guys, I recently got an ASUS G750JW from BestBuy which gives 8GB of RAM but 1TB HDD.

    I'm going to get two Intel 530 SSD (180GB) for use with the two HDD slots in my drive. I'm new to this ASUS Backtracker thing since my old laptop came with a DVD of my OS.

    If I use Backtracker to backup my Windows 8 partition to a USB Drive, can I simply plug in my two SSDs and throw away the old hard drive and boot-install Windows 8 from the USB Drive as if it were a bootable Windows 8 installer DVD?

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    Seems the case. Make sure you get a 3.0 usb drive to be safe. Some people have said some older model thumb drives will not work properly. I am awaiting on my JH model and have already ordered a Samsung pro 256. I recommend you getting a hd enclosure and use ur 1tb as a storage. That's what I plan to do, once I find the correct type/size of the enclosure.

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    You can just go get Macrium Reflect or Acronis and clone the whole drive onto the ssds by putting the existing hdd in an enclosure and booting from it, then running Macrium/Acronis. Resizes the partition and everything automatically, and you won't need to reinstall anything at all. Not sure what backtracker does, neither have I ever used it.

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    I second BlackHawk's suggestion to clone it. It's a simple enough process and will copy everything verbatim as is to the new drive. You can backup your recovery partition using the "create a recovery drive" in Windows 8 to a flash drive as well (might be best to do so before, just to have a fail safe).

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