Hi, i have a big issue here,


This is the original HD and ALL partitions are ok, Recovery and restore. i ONLY delete the windows partition to make this a DATA drive...the hiddens partitions are ok and i dont remove anything!


I make a clean install of the Windows 8 in a new HD, all instalation was made with ONLY this disk in the notebook, after the configuration, i put the original HD on it, and remove the Windows partition to make a data drive so my clean install dont remove or install anything in my original HD because its are OUT my notebook in all the process !!

Now, i want my Windows 8 in my original drive, because my personal HD are broken and have bad blocks

If i press F9 with the original disk, i see all options, but if i try to restore, i receive this messege

Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing.

I alread check to see if my partitions are ok, and YES i have both! the Restore and Recovery.

So whats happened here.

sry for my bad english