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Thread: GENE-Z, can't control CPU fan speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spathi View Post
    Did you turn on control in the BIOS?
    Set both to normal, as then it will create a bit of extra negative static pressure which will blow dust out during boot.

    Also, to get it silent, open AI Suite 2 --> Tools --> Fan XPert
    and select "User"
    drag CPU down to 21%
    or Chassis down to 40%

    you might then want to start the CPU ramp up at 45oC
    and the Chassis ramp up at whatever works for you

    The good fans are the Arctic F8 and F12 Pro PWM, (any they are all good and very quiet.) (I did get one broken one that did not spin up, but I buy heaps of fans, they do have the cheapest price as well which is a bonus.. cheap to replace)
    the Entermax UCTB12P PWM (this one runs at really low revs which is cool.) (it also has sexy batwing blades, not that anyone will see them, lol) (the magnet in the Entermax is also strong, sticks mildly to my case if I lie it flat, probably a sign of quality)
    and probably the scythe slipstream PWM or Kama PWM, but there are report of the Kama lasting 6 months.. not sure about the slipstream.

    Arctic F12 runs at 800rpm as chassis on gene-z at 40%
    Arctic F12 runs at 750rpm as CPU on gene-z at 21%

    The Entermax I took out but that was uber low, I was going to put it back in tonight.
    This was a huge help, I finally got the chassis fans to run lower than 1000 rpm. Fan Xpert must be in User mode, otherwise 60% minimum on silent. Using the very latest version of Fan Xpert Plus 1.01.06. when i try to test the chassis fans I hear them ramp up, but the Fan Xpert says 400rpm on all the levels. strange. Fan Expert version before this, the chassis fan test was greyed out.

    Possible to do user mode 40% on the BIOS? will look at that. would rather do without the software if possible.

    Sort of confused on how to set the graph, will work on that. Thanks again.

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    Most posts are suggesting that CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT cannot control a three pin fan. In this thread a few people have said it works. Which is it? If it doesn't work then is it anticipated we'll see a BIOS update that fixes this? Any word from Asus?

    I bought a brand new (and recommended) Noctua NH-D14 cooler and both fans are running at full speed and making a lot of noise.

    If nothings forthcoming then I think I'll have to buy two DC to PWM converters as sold here. Seems like a messy solution though.
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    Well I decided just to replace the stock fans in my In Win Dragon Slayer mAtx case with PWM fans.. and at first they were just running 100% but after turning on Fan Xpert just on standard they throttled back and now it is all quiet.

    So really instead of adding MORE wires in a case just spend the few extra bucks and get some PWM fans. Now for the 4 fans I want to put on the side..I only have 1 more 4pin connection left on the mobo (might not need the extra 4 fans..with the case it is SOOO very cool inside (cpu and mobo running 33/34c with just stock intel fan (which in the future I will be replace with a much better fan).

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    The three pin fans are brand new, high quality Noctua that have reviewed really well. It's not like they're just a stock cooler. I really don't want to replace them.

    It's a real shame that this motherboard doesn't support analog fan control.

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    Just to follow up on this thread.

    My brand new Noctua cooler came with Analog fans rather than PWM fans. The Asus motherboard don't support these fans. Both Asus and Noctua confirmed this.

    I tried an Airen RPM Clever which was supposed to convert from an Analog to a PWM. The motherboard just complained there was no CPU fan so I ditched that idea.

    In the end I bought two new PWM fans to replace my existing Analog fans. It's another £40 but I guess it will work.

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    The Corsair Link is now available for fan control...

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