PR: ASUS Launches ROG OC Showdown Online Overclocking Competition


ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today launched its ROG OC Showdown online overclocking competition in co-operation with HWBot.org. Any overclocker using ASUS, ROG or TUF Z97 motherboards can enter. The competition will run for one month between July 15th, 2014 to August 15th, 2014, with the grand prize of a future ROG X99 motherboard. Additionally there is a prize of $1,000 for any world record broken by the end of the competition.

Video: Team Russia Tests RealBench With Extreme Cooled i7-4960X

Team Russia has fired up its Rampage IV Black Edition and i7-4960X again to push it through our RealBench app! With an LN2 cooling, the CPU reached an extreme of 5.6GHz (131×43). The team are only one of two people to break the 120k barrier so far! See their result submission for more details on the system, and the video below to follow how they did it.

ROG RealBench v2 FAQ


What is ROG RealBench?
RealBench uses real, open source applications to test your PC as it would perform in productivity apps. The RealBench application simply wraps and scripts these open source productivity apps to time how long they take at image editing, video encoding or multi-tasking, or how powerful the hardware is for rendering via OpenCL.

If you have questions, see the full FAQ inside for more!

Realbench Benchmarking & Stress Test Insights


Realbench is a benchmark that uses open source applications and simple scripting to simulate real-world performance of a PC system. It’s designed to show the difference:

Before and after a PC upgrade
To gauge the real effect of an overclock
To gauge the real effect of BIOS tweaks

Here we detail what part of the PC each test pushes, and what to opimize, as well as why the Realbench stress-test is the new bar for PC stability.